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Crossflags Auto Detailing

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Whether it’s your daily driver, or your cherished special ride, your vehicle now,more than ever represents an investment. You can expect the same caution and care from CROSSFLAGS Detailing as you would give your vehicle, but not everyone has the time or patience to get the job done properly. Proper detailing avoids using common household cleaners,shortcuts and gimmicky special tricks. I use only the best products from industry leaders Auto Valet,and Malco,etc. Plus the fantastic “Flex” orbital polisher which does the very best of jobs on vehicle surfaces without the danger of burning the finish. From Cadillacs to lobster bait trucks, the last 7 years has provided a wealth of experience to me,and good service to my customers. As you probably are aware, pricing depends to a large degree on the size and condition of the vehicle,so I look forward with hope of providing a quote and being of service to you.

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You can contact me by email at to book an appointment. Don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page.

“This is hands down the best way to have your vehicle detailed. In your own garage.”

— Karl Ingersoll

Corvettes of Southern New Brunswick

Area 38 Auto Detailing was Carl’s previous business on Grand Manan Island. After moving to the Saint John area, he decided to make his detailing efforts, mobile. Cross Flags Auto Detailing was the new business.